What Is Partnership ?

Partnership is a commitment of regular financial support to help meet spiritual and practical needs of people all over the world.

Here at AWLC we like to take action when it come to meeting the needs of the people. We take the truth of God’s Word about love everywhere we go. When we meet people’s physical & spiritual needs, it allows the heart of the people to open for the sowing of the word of God.


How Will I Benefit from Partnership ?

In addition to having the opportunity to help impact lives for Christ, you’ll also receive:

  •  A free monthly CD…. by Pastor Minter
  • Continued prayer from Pastor Minter and the AWLC intercessory prayer team
  • Monthly news letter with inspiration from our pastor


A Letter From Pastor Minter

Sow up so the blessings can come down

Ezekiel 44:30—-and the first of all, of every sort of your obligations,shall be the priest’s:ye shall also give unto the priest the first of your dough, that he may cause the blessing to rest in thine house.

Every seed has a cause.every seed has a different future

Financial Authority
Financial Authority differs from financial breakthrough.
A breakthrough is an experience
A miracle has an ending
An Anointing is movement for a reason.
Authority is a position of control and influence.

The power of Your financial authority has to bow to the anointing that’s on the inside of you

God will give you financial ideas
God will give you financial breakthroughs
God will give you a financial anointing
God will give you financial authority
You are a walking magnet for financial favor
You are one person away from your future

Joseph only needed pharaoh to like him,not all of Egypt

Gen 41:37-45 and the things was good in the eyes of pharaoh, and in the eyes of all his servants.and pharaoh said unto his servants, can we find such a one as this is, a man in whom the spirit of God is? And pharaoh said unto Joseph, for as much as god hath showed the all this,there is none so discreet and wise as thou art:thou shall be over my house

I declare and decree that every dream vision that God himself has place in your heart and every vision he has show you has the power and potential to yield a bountiful harvest and double increase because God is declaring it over your life right now in the name of Jesus.

All important divine connections has to make their connections right now and cause all favor to flow your way,in Jesus name. Divine favor,divine current,divine flow are in harmony,everything that is declare and decreed in heaven concerning you is happening right now,nothing the enemy can or will do can’t hinder, impede,or stop the flow and anointing of over take in your life, the anointing is taking over and damaging every object every person anything that will get in the way of Gods timing for divine connection. The flow and the current of God is upon you, see it, fell it ,watch as God Jehovah sham ma devours everything that will get in his way of divine progress.Walk in confidence knowing this that God did call you, he sees you  and at this point his plan for you life is moving forward.there will be praise after this!!!!! Go forth saith The Lord  Every person that God has call to participate is obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit.
Sincerely Pastor Cheryl Minter


Bring Your Personal Goal To Reality

by Cheryl Minter; Christian Life Coach




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p.s. their is a minimum donation of  $25.00 ( to receive the cd,monthly newsletter and prayer request )